• Camera Technology: analogue

    Camera: Sinar 4x5 inch / 9 x 12 cm
    Light: mixed light - daylight / studio flash / artificial light
    Film: Kodak / Negative
    Image Processing: Filmscan, Archival Pigment Print
    Perspective shifts: analogue with the imaging plane (lens / film)


    The image composition, the perspective shifts Landers workout at analogue, from one camera angel, image filling with the recording planes by lens and film. Landers plans the camera shifts very precisely like a koreography. Also planing is important because of several of his triptychs are made with models and self portraits. Models are all casted for each image.


    Playing with the various types of light in the staging is very appealing to Landers. It expand the color spectrum in his visual language. But they are also important for long-term exposures. With the Studio Flash he uses counter pools. The daylight character of the Studio Flash refreshes colors and extremely short exposure times create a static and precise appearance in the image.