Macht Kunst : KunstHalle by Deutsche Bank

Title: Berlin 2002

From the Series: First-Person Shooter cross over the World

Series: 81 b/w photographies / 1998 to 2011

96 cm x 163 cm

analogue photography, archival pigment print


Places: Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, Wien, Tallinn Munich, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Tiberias / Israel, ...


About the series:


The mostly Self Portraits are mainly originated on Places of more intimate divestment at the Public spaces. It plays with the Voyeurs- bad also out of the Perspective of First-Person Shooter in Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Krakatao, Rio de Janeiro, Tallinn, Helsinki, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Tel Aviv, Rhishon Lezion, Tiberias.


These places of intimate exposure in public places are where the natural male board is visible. It is a true executive places that is designed in a unique way for the natural masculinity. Aren't these the boardroom as well? - The stock market and the other wars anyway? We are witnessing these days in the core of the crisis probably male concepts. The male gender role must not be derived socially in their natural development, liked the female role. It embodies completely free distanceles himself like a fish in water.