Intimate Moments but No Sex: 1st Mois de la Photo in Berlin / Zumtobel Staff Gallery, Berlin

1st Mois de la Photo in Berlin

Zumtobel Staff Gallery, Berlin

62 artworks

18 x 27 cm

silver gelatin baryta print

analogue photography




 "Five Evenings, Five Guests, Five Subjects":  a journey though places, realisations, visions. Readings and lectures dealing with the topic of Readings and lectures dealing with the topic of perception and reality, e.g. "The perception of the world is determined by the desire to change it." This thought of Jerome Brunner connects the five readings to a central idea.


The evening events in detail.


The five topics:

1. Anna Thalbach/film and theater actress, reading "The Id about The Self", essay by Henry Landers

2. Prof. Dr Frithjof Bergmann, philosopher, professor, University of Michigan: "New Work"

3. Prof. Dr. Hermann Nicolai, director and member of the Max Plank Institute for Gravitational Physics/Albert Einstein Institut, Golm: "What is barely possible to imagine - how many dimensions do we in habit?"

4. Maxim Wocester, chairman of Control Risks: "Global Money"

5. Open space: with Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, Coaching Spirale Ltd.