The Ballet of the Mirror-Neurons: Gallery X, Berlin

European Festival of Photography 2006

Galerie X, Freidrichstr. 107, 10117 Berlin

36 artworks

18 x 27 cm

silver gelatin baryta print

analogue photography


Mirror-Neurons are the link to our next. The dancers lerning with the Mirror-Neurons from each other. The ballet is a swarm of women and some men, - synchron, private, intelligent, foreign, hidden, involved, entwined, awake, exhausted ... -. Thereover tell the following images. The grain, the finging and the reduction to black and white helps to focus attention through the surface, on body language and emotions beyond the production. My photographies are authentic and not produced on my part.


Series of 152 b/w photographies

signed, dated and numbered



5 / 96 cm x 163 cm

10 / 39 cm x 66 cm