Triptych in fife parts: GSD Gallery, Hannover

The work shows the post-staging of my motor accident as a vanitas. Theme is your own transience and rebirth. The supporting elements are the frames whereby the connection of the three pictures are staged in two separate pictures. In the operating theater of the Trauma Surgery of the Rudolf Virchow Klinikum I was able to experience  very close a similar operation as a guest. This brought me in the trauma processing of accidental accident victim to a conscious acting individual.


The accident was a motor accident. A car chashed me with about 80 km / h frontal in the side, in my leg, in the leg of my pillion rider. I was fortunate enough to have surgery and a surgeon was waiting for a case like mine to try out a new treatment he was developing on me. After 14 months of recovery I was back in the working world and had to change my job. It all changed our lives sustainably.


The first picture shows the view that I saw fractions of seconds before the impact. It shows the car what chrashed in us. The gaze burned deep into my consciousness for many years.