The Collages ...

... like leaves on a tree are about 100 papers, fixed only on one side, free one above the other. They respond on turn of humidity in change of seasons, the surface opens and closes. In the interaction with the world it created an organic change in surface and a interaction of light and shadow.

Gallery - The Sangreal

The Sangreal

Photography Photography Collgage - The Treck of Money - The Sangreal © Henry Landers Expression Photography-Collage, Water Gilding
Photography-Collage: Barytes- Photo Paper
Frame: gilding Wooden Stripe (Spruce),
Profile: Width 14 cm x height 5 cm
Year 1997
Format H. 147 cm x B. 85 cm

Gold is provokes

Gold appeals on western people differently than on Aztec, Maya or ancient Egyptians. Western peoplee start even in the face of gold to distrust them selve. It fathom their subconscious. They fear about what it might generate in them. This still concealed secret they distrust like it would be the evil par excellence.
For Aztec, Mayan and Egyptian gold was sacred, but not a value in itself. It was the tears, the blood and the flesh of the gods, not a means of payment or adornment to the secular decoration.

The Gilding ...

... is a medieval church painting gilders technique based on Gesso and Polyment. To preserve the pure solid, unbroken warm lustre of gold and to obtain its pure materiality, predominantly the gilding isn't patinated.

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