Photography Sequence - Planet Berlin-Mitte - Part 2 - The Light

Continued - Part 2

About Berlin, the peculiar Dark.

... It should get by without the usual smoking pyromaniac firework of failure which is capable of shattering the future from beyond the grave. No, this "brief" should CARRY so far that its dancing impression lingers within the great-grandchildren and beyond.

The EXIT TO THE LIGHT is, in the words of the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, a piece of true World Literature, which may serve as a guide for any champion ofthe new-born Berlin.

But what is actually genuine and what is staged, and by whom? Where does the great light of the stage spotlight come from? To this day we do not know with any real certainty.

It is not widely known that Berlin is the name of a beautiful, warm-hearted, innately powerful and generous girl. Why the eponymous city has so few of these qualities remains a mystery even today. Or is this a belated declaration of love for the city? No, but for the girl of the same name, whom I long to meet one day.

Henry Landers 2001

Transitory realism. Details ... >>

Photographies Part 2: The Light

Photographie-Serie LOST IN MYSTIFICATION von Henry Landers Places Berlin
Series Part 1
81 b/w Photographies
1998 to 2005

5 • signed, dated and numbered
Archival Pigment Print on FineArt Baryta • 325 g • Hahnemuehle

Size 96 cm x 163 cm well as 39 cm x 66 cm

Price upon request
  © Henry Landers 1998

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