Photography Series - Manifold VII - Mona Lisa smiles

Is she smiling at us?

Perhaps because she knows how the two very different landscapes on the right and left sides of the picture's background are connected? Leonardo da Vinci hides this enigmatic part of his image behind the portrait of a mockingly smiling woman. Da Vinci, full of irony, reflects to the people of that time just what they want to see - themselves, in view of nature and beautiful women, of course. Da Vinci uses Mona Lisa as a magician would use his seductive assistant in order consciously to distract the audience - and achieves this in mysteriously focussed perfection.

In the following series I have hidden the connecting element
between the incompatible abstract halves behind minimalist
monochrome colour surfaces.

I call it "Mona Lisa smiles".

Titel: Manifold VII - Mona Lisa smiles

Mannigfaltigkeit  5 © Henry Landers Expression photography, analogue, digital
Technique Transitory realism. Details ... >>
Nikon FA (Film 24 x 36 mm)
20 Photographien
Edition 5 110 x 241 cm - 110 x 300 cm
Edition 10 50 x 109 cm - 50 x 136 cm
Print Archival Pigment Print  
  signed, dated and numbered  
PDF Catalogue 12 MB engl. Download ...>>

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