Photography Series - Manifold II - The Funfair

The funfair - on the brink to the cosmos, even a cosmos in itself. A place where women, men, girls and boys peacefully can learn in a mindless manner to know gravity, centrifugal force, fear, violence, speed, joy, pleasure, euphoria even up to ecstasy. Only war is continues in affirmation of civilian self and at the same time fouled it up beyond all recognition.

Titel: Manifold II - The Funfair

Mannigfaltigkeiten  2 © Henry Landers Expression photography, analogue, digital
Technique Transitory realism. Details ... >>
2014 to 2015
Nikon FA (Film 24 x 36 mm)
Series 15 Photographies
Edition 5 90 x 98 cm - 90 x 256 cm
Edition 10 50 x 54 cm - 50 x 142 cm
Print Archival Pigment Print  
  signed, dated and numbered  
PDF Catalogue 29 MB engl. Download ...>>

Price upon request

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