Photography Series - Death Returns The Lovers

The Story

Lord Alastair Melcolm Daggerford, 16th Earl of Daggerford, He's freshly deceased, still warm enough. His life passes before him.

Lady Christine Mary Limehouse, Lord Alastair's great and yet unfulfilled love, posing in the darkness of her coffin just for him alone. Of longing fulfilled, alluring from the beyond, she sends her "Alex" these images.


In the daytime

A ghost - From the darkness of the night.
Invisible by daylight.
During day, in sunlight images are dark, shadowy, almost entirely black. Only more or less an idea of Christin Marie seductive body shows up. The wide black picture frames futured this effect.

In the night

A ghost - in the darkness of the night.
Visible in the Dark full moon appears in the tomb. Otherworldly light appear in her coffin.
In the night Christine Marie's ghost in her erotically posing appears by candlelight and gentle spotlight and emerges from the dark black.
The effect can also be comprehend in a well calibrated monitor. Make at daytime the screen on maximum brightness and see how the image appears, almost black. Now reduce at night the screen to 70% brightness. Deepest physical boddy structures in the black appear.

Title: Death Returns The Lovers

Mit dem Tod kam die Liebe (zurück)  5 © Henry Landers Form Photographie, Analogue
Nikon FA (Film 24 x 36 mm)

31 Photographies
5 •  personally signed, dated and numbered
Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Baryta Satin • 300 g • Hahnemuehle
Format 43 x 45.16 cm to 82,62 x 60 cm
PDF Catalogue 15 MB engl. Download ...>>

Price upon request

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