Exhibitions, Publications and Projects

by Henry Landers

Current Project
2017-09 Art Fair BERLINER LISTE 2017 - fair for contemporary art
2017 Manifold VII - Mona Lisa smiles
Solo Exhibitions
12/2014 "The Eye" Video-Art, 15 min.
  "Mutter Mund Vater Land" Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
2011-2013 "The Hain at the Fountain of Youth"
  from female Ancestor, Elves and Magi Female
2011 "X Capitals - The Exit" Webgallery
03/2008 "X Capitals Europe" ... »
210 Scroll pictures from 10 European cities
Place: Atrium in the Ferderal Foreign Office Berlin
03/2007 "X Capitals Berlin", Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta,
Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Berlin. 11th World-
Business Dialogue, University of Cologne
11/2006 "The Ballet of the Mirror–Neurons"
European Festival of Photography 2006
Galerie X, Freidrichstr. 107, 10117 Berlin
2005 "X Capitals Berlin", Beijing, Tokyo, Jakarta, Berlin,
Paris, Zumtobel Staff Gallery, Berlin
2005 On loan to the German Federal Chancellery
( = Bundeskanzleramt )
2004 "Intimate Moments but No Sex" 1st Mois de la
Photo in Berlin
1999- 2004 "Departure to the Light" Debis Systemhaus
Gallery, Berlin, art exhibition with leasing
2003 "Fulfilled Momente" Photographic Art
Installation plus lecture at the Young Academy
of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences
in Frankfurt-on-Main
2001 "Five Scroll Pictures",Literaturhaus, Berlin
1998 "Von Apokalpse Now - Zu Friede Nau"
accompanied by sound installation: "The
sound of a sunny day", c-base Gallery, Berlin
1997 "Europe’s Romanticism and Asia’s Non-
Romanticism", Quartier 206, Berlin, Special
thanks to Ms. A.M. Jagdfeld.
1996 "Light", KB-Bank (Kredietbank-Bankverein
AG of Belgium ), branch in Hamburg
Group Exhibitions
1998 "His Semen in Her Still Lives", Gallery Empty
Rooms, Berlin
1993 "Triptych iry,Hannovern five parts", GSD Galle
Publications and Essays
2005 Idiom, essay: pyromanic fireworks
2004 Beauteousness, essay - lecture at the Young
Academy of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy
of Sciences, Frankfurt on Main
2003 The Id about The Self, essay and photographs,
2001 Borchardt: 50 food photographs, in book on the
renowned restaurant of this name in Berlin,
Nikolai Verlag, publishers
1998 A selection from the cycle entitled "Departure
to the Light" in Lettre International, vol. II/98
2004 "Five Evenings, Five Guests, Five Subjects":
a journey though places, realisations, visions.
Readings and lectures dealing with the topic of
perception and reality, e.g. "The perception of
the world is determined by the desire to change
it." This thought of Jerome Brunner connects
the five readings to a central idea. The evening
events in detail:
The five topics:
1. Anna Thalbach/film and theater actress, reading:
"The Id about The Self", essay by Henry Landers
2. Prof. Dr Frithjof Bergmann, philosopher,
professor, University of Michigan, on: "New Work"
3. Prof. Dr. Hermann Nicolai, director and member
of the Max Plank Institute for Gravitational
Physics/Albert Einstein Institut, Golm on: "What
is barely possible to imagine - how many dimen-
sions do we in habit?"
4. Maxim Wocester, chairman of Control Risks,
on: "Global Money"
5. Open space: with Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling,
Coaching Spirale Ltd.
Venue: Zumtobel Staff Gallery, Berlin
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