While I was studying "Technology Watermanagement" to become an engineer I felt the deep impact of the themes that were touched upon.  However, I also realized that my prospective occupation would not satisfy me adequately. It became clear very quickly  that I would not be able to answer the questions of the greater relationships between geology, physics, technology in general, city infrastructures, people, and societies that the university studies generated inside of me as an engineer. As important as I find this job to be, I  could not imagine to deal with the abovementioned questions working as an engineer. In a physics seminar I explored composition methods according to geometrical mass-gravity calculations of bodies. Later I found parallels in traditional Japanese ink paintings.

When I was 19, I had a serious motorcycle accident. After the accident, I started immersing myself in photography and discovered it to be a language capable of tapping into an unexpected dimension of communicability. This language ruptured an inner silence that had been haunting me until then. For me, my immersion in photography began as a way of searching for ways of experiencing and deconstructing reality.
The writings of D.T. Suzuki on Zen-Buddism, especially his explanations of a schooling method called Koan, triggered an expansion of my strategy to win knowledge and awareness autoreferentially. Thus I developed my own iconography and explanation models, which can be seen in various freelance works as well as remittance jobs.
Professional History
2008 Member at the jury of Three, European
Photo Competition: 40 Years Of EPSON Innovation /EPSON Head Office London
since 2000 Realization of "X Capitals"-Projects
2005 Instructor at the private Photoacademy
Urbschat in Berlin, teaching Food-and Still
since 2002 Graphic Design and Product Design
since 1991 Freelance Photographer, focus on Food, Still,
Advertising, People
Freelance Artist - Conceptual Art, Photogra-
phy, Wood Sculpture, Sound Art and Writing
1989-90 Staff Photographer and Lab Assistant at
Photo Studio Peter Lange in Berlin
1988 Lab Assistant at Fototechnische Werkstädte in
Berlin: Portrait Atelier and repro lab
1986-88 Compulsory military service at the NVA (DDR)
as sapper, air force
1982-86 Dispatcher, public utility company of water
supply and waste water treatment
(VEB Wasserversorgung und Abwasserbehandlung Berlin (WAB))
Education and Training
1997 Water gilding and Venetian gesso techniques
of medieval European art crafts, with Regina
Richter, Hamburg
1991 Degree in marketing, Institute for Marketing
and Communication ( = IMK Berlin )
1988-90 Guest student, Humboldt University, Berlin,
attending lectures in philosophy, psychology,
epistemology, history of art
Guest student, College of Fine Arts
Weissensee/ Berlin ( = Kunsthochschule
Weissensee ), history of design
1984-85 Student, technical engineering/water supply
and distribution, University of Applied Sciences
( = Fachhochschule ), Magdeburg

Personal Details
Henry Landers born in Berlin
Birth of daughter Stefanie in Berlin
Henry Landers

Henry Landers

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